Special project for the 2021 ICN Annual Conference: Sustainable development and competition law

The documents below are to facilitate proper responding to the survey of the Special Project.

Please note that this is an online survey, and the questionnaires may only be completed online via the URL provided in the email of invitation to participate in the survey.

The survey has been closed, and we are no longer in the position to accept responses to either questionnaire.

The survey report is to be presented shortly before the ICN Annual Conference in October 2021.

Questionnaire – Competition Agencies (PDF) (492 KB)
Questionnaire – Competition Agencies (Word) (156 KB)

Questionnaire – NGAs (PDF) (384 KB)
Questionnaire – NGAs (Word) (124 KB)

Introduction (PDF) (252 KB)
Technical Remarks (PDF) (224 KB)
Questions and Answers (PDF) (220 KB)

Privacy Policy (PDF) (264 KB)
Supplementary Privacy Policy (PDF) (167 KB)

Preliminary results

Highlights of preliminary results (PDF) (250 KB)

Data (aggregated) – Competition Agencies (Excel) (1,5 MB)

Data (aggregated) – NGAs (Excel) (880 KB)