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A complaint made by MAGOSZ (National Association of Hungarian Farmers' Societies and Co-operatives) and submitted to the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) on 2 July 2008 claims that the undertakings mentioned in the complaint have illegaly set concerted procurement prices for sour cherry this year. In MAGOSZ view, the low procurement prices may also be signs of an abuse of dominant position. There was another similar complaint on 8 July 2008 made by the Chamber of Agriculture in the county Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg.

Currently, the GVH is conducting a procedure to assess the content of the complaints submitted in compliance with the provisions of the Competition Act; in the framework of this procedure the authority is holding hearings with the participation of the complainants and collecting factual information and data regarding the evolved market situation and then, it will evaluate the information collected. The GVH has 60 days for the examination of the complaint; this time limit may be extended by further 60 days if justified.

The GVH will only initiate a competition supervision proceeding, based on the data obtained in connection with the assessment of the complaints - if the preconditions for taking this measure are met.

Budapest, 11 July 2008

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