GVH25 Jubilee Conference
11 November 2015
Budapest, Hungary
Hosted by

the Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal – GVH)

Information Brochure

Useful information for your visit to Budapest

1. From the airport

After arriving toLiszt Ferenc International Airport the easiest way to get into the city is to take a taxi. For other options (public transportation, shuttle mini bus) please check the airport homepage. From the airport take only FŐTAXI. When you arrive to Budapest, you don't need to call a taxi, just follow the lines on the floor and look for the Főtaxi booth (see the picture below, however due to the change of the regulation cars should be yellow), that is located outside of the entrance of the terminal. There you should give your destination and you’ll get a voucher with the approximate price and destination on it. From the airport to anywhere in the downtown area of Budapest the trip should cost you around HUF 8,000 (~25 €).

BE CARAEFUL there are SCAM TAXI DRIVERS at the airport and they will charge you a lot more, so just be aware and go to the Főtaxi kiosk.

2. Taxi

You can either call a taxi or just waive your hand on the street the price will be the same (basic fee HUF 450 – 1,5 €, distance based fee 280 HUF/KM – 1 €, waiting HUF 70/min – 0,25 €). All companies must apply the same tariffs (regulated tariffs – no competition L) vast majority of the cars are yellow. You can call any of the numbers below. All of these companies’ operators should speak English. Most of the cars take credit cards but ask in advance. A non-obligatory tip of about 10-15% is usual (as in the case of other services). While you are in Budapest you can call the taxi companies below:

Citytaxi +36 1 2111 111

Főtaxi +36 1 2 222 222

Budapest taxi +36 1 7 777 777

3. Public transportation

The public transport network is well developed and may be used easily to reach your destination throughout the city. A single ticket costs HUF 350 (1,1 €) and valid for one uninterrupted trip, one change allowed but only between metro lines. You may also get a 24/72 hour travel pass (HUF 1650/4150, ~5/14 €).  Or try the Bubi if you prefer to use a public bike-sharing system. For more info look for the Customer Service Points of the transport company (BKK) at Liszt Ferenc International Airport’s Terminal 2A (daily 8:00-22:00) and Terminal 2B (daily 9:00-21:00).

4. The Conference venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Address: 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István sqr. 9

Postal address: 1245 Budapest, P.O. Box 1000

Phone: +36-1-411-6100

E-mail: mailto:info@titkarsag.mta.hu

The building of the Academy, inaugurated in 1865, was built at a turning point in the urban and architectural history of Budapest as one of the first yet most mature and valuable historicising examples of the neo-Renaissance style. This architectural trend, which virtually dominated the construction boom in Budapest that started in the 1870s, had been an alien, controversial new tendency in Hungary only a decade before.

The Prussian king's architect, Friedrich August Stüler, who, after long debates and against much protest, was commissioned to design the palace, brought to Hungary a blend of the Renaissance style of Northern Italy and the Neo-Renaissance tendencies of Berlin. In addition to designing the main facade and the floor plan, he played a decisive part in the selection of the architectural and sculptural ornaments that have become a distinctive feature of the building.

On Stüler's suggestion, the terracotta statues of scholars were ordered from Berlin. The Berlin sculptor Emil Wolff made the molds for all of the statues except for the statue of the Hungarian philologist, Miklós Révai, which was made by Miklós Izsó.

Images / gallery: here

 5. Sightseeing in Budapest

Some picks from the must sees for spending 1-2 days in the city. The list is far away from being complete and may of course vary on individual preferences J

Buda side

The Castle District: in Buda is the ancient kernel of the capital's right-bank settlement. The Royal Palace houses different museums and exhibitions. The castle District is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Budapest. From the Fisherman's Bastion the view is amazing – it is one of the most popular spots of the city, as it offers a grand panorama of almost the entire city. Mátyás Church: Located just next to the Fishermen's Bastion in the castle district.

24. Budapest Wine Festival: An excellent opportunity to taste the best of Hungarian wines from all regions of the country (between 9-13 September, at the Castle). It can be very crowded in the evenings but the experience is unbeatable with a glass of wine in your hands.

Gellért Hill and the Citadel: Everyone say although it worth climb up for the 360° panorama.

Pest side

Parliament: The monumental building of the Parliament is one of the biggest attractions of Budapest and it is just a jump away from the GVH’s headquarters.

Visit to the Parliament building is also possible!

Danube: If you missed the boat cruise don’t forget to walk on the Pest side of the Danube, there is a very pretty walkway (Dunakorzó) starting from Chain Bridge and next to the nice Vörösmarty tér (square).

St Stephen Basilica: The largest Catholic church in Budapest. You can find lots of coffee places around the Basilica so you can always at least enjoy it from the outside while sipping some wine or coffee at the sun.

Andrássy Avenue: Luxury designer stores have their shops here and there are some restaurants too, nice place to take a walk. Don’t forget to see the Hungarian State Opera House. The Heroes Square at the end of Andrássy Avenue sums up the history of Hungary.

Dohány Street Synagogue: The largest synagogue in Europe and the fifth (second?) largest in the world. 2 minutes from Astoria. It is just beautiful.

Great Market Hall: it's on Fővám Square (5 minutes from Kálvin Square) everything is about the food and Hungarian sausages here…


Budapest is definitely the city of spas, try one of the bathhouses: Széchenyi, Rudas, Gellért. Any of these is an ideal spot for relaxation after the exhausting MWG meeting

Ruin pubs

Some locals would argue the picks of this article but everyone agree: not to have a beer in one of the ruin pubs would be a mistake.

Budapest hop on hop off bus


According to locals Hungarian food is amazing especially if you like meat but vegetarians could also enjoy Budapest’s gastronomy. From gourmet streetfood to Michelin star restaurants you may find anything that fits into your ideas.


Other info about Budapest is available for example: here or here.

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