Under the provisions of the Competition Act (Art. 36 (2) point c)) the President of GVH is obliged to submit annual reports to Parliament on the activities of the GVH and, on the basis of his law enforcement experience, on how fairness and freedom of competition are observed.

  • Accordingly, the annual reports

    • describe the market conditions,

    • present the changes in the legal background of competition regulation, furthermore

  • introduce the activity of the Authority including

    • the proceedings and the results of possible revisions,

    • competition advocacy,

    • activities pursued for the development of competition culture,

    • international and other institutional relations.

The tables of the annual reports contain numerous data, concerning primarily the proceedings of the GVH. In providing summaries of the cases, the main objective is to outline tendencies or phenomena; the detailed description of leading cases is also available.

The annual reports may be downloaded in PDF format: