The Competition Act empowers the President of the Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal – ‘GVH’), together with the Chair of the Competition Council to issue notices, which describe the basic principles of the law enforcement practice of the GVH. These notices have no binding force; their sole function is to provide substance to the provisions of the law that are applied by the GVH, whilst also providing summaries of the well-established past practice and outlining the practice that is to be followed when applying legal provisions in the future. The Notices draw on the experience gained from past decisions; however, when departing from concrete cases they also reflect the understanding of the GVH and, as guidelines, they can anticipate decisions in future cases.

Fine Setting

Leniency policy

(This Notice is applied by the GVH in case of leniency applications submitted on or after 1 January 2018.)

(This Notice is applied by the GVH as of 15 January 2017, in case of leniency applications submitted before 1 January 2018.)

Settlement policy

Guidance documents  

*/ The original language of this guidance document is Hungarian; consequently, the English version shall only be considered as a reference document. In case of discrepancies, the Hungarian version shall prevail.