The tasks of the Hungarian Rail Office are the followings: issues, checks, modifies and withdraws rail undertakings- operation licence as a licensing authority. The objective of HRO is to open and encourage the utilisation of the underused Hungarian rail infrastructure and railway transportation. The infrastructure suitable for railway transportation creates a natural monopoly, the prices of which cannot be reduced to the fair and efficient level by economic competition. HRO, as a regulatory body checks and, if necessary, changes the terms and prices of utilising the rail infrastructure. Furthermore, it is HRO's responsibility to approve the terms of business of participants in the railway transport market.

To ensure the carrying out of the above mentioned tasks, the GVH and the HRO concluded a cooperation agreement. The main aim of the agreement is to enforce the competition on the rail market. To reach this aim the authorities agreed in the information exchange, established a professional forum and discuss the text of the new provisions on the field of rail transportation.