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The GVH established that Pécsi Vízmű (the Water Works of Pécs) deceived consumers by claiming that from August 2007 it would be the only undertaking to collect, transport and manage liquid waste. The practice had hardly any effects on the market, thus no fine was imposed.

The GVH initiated a proceeding because in July last year Pécsi Vízmű sent letters toconsumers in which it claimed that it had an exclusive right to collect, transport and manage local liquid waste. This release of the undertaking could also be found on its homepage together with an article of the daily Dunántúli Napló. The article "Water suction: great changes" wrote that "from 1 August in Pécs this service will be exclusively provided by Pécsi Vízmű".

The GVH established that Pécsi Vízmű was really the winner of the procurement procedure announced by the local government of Pécs in April 2007, thus the undertaking can collect and transport liquid waste from the grounds supplied with potable water but not connected to the sewage system in the inner area of Pécs for ten years. However, according to the local rules this sole right is only valid in the case of residential consumers, undertakings are free to choose another supplier.

Therefore the GVH established that Pécsi Vízmű deceived consumers. The competition authority found not necessary to impose a fine, because the misleading information had no effects on the market and after the initiation of the proceeding Pécsi Vízmű terminated immediately the unlawful behaviour .

Case number: Vj-171/2007.

Budapest, 1 April 2008.

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