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Competition Culture Centre-s work plan for 2009

As a role determined by the Competition Act, the president of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) must contribute to the development of competition culture. It was for the completion of this task that the Competition Culture Centre (CCC) was established in 2005. The CCC as an independent unit within the organization of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) fulfils the tasks related to the development of competition culture in accordance with its annual work plan.

The CCC aims at providing the legislators, undertakings taking part in market competition and consumers with information in order to help them to bring their conducts in compliance with competition provisions, to appreciate the public interest relating to competition, to take into account the aspects of competition in legislation and to get familiar with the role and the scope of activity of the GVH.

Besides the above-mentioned, the CCC is responsible for the tasks assumed by the OECD-Hungary Regional Centre for Competition in Budapest (RCC) established by the OECD and the GVH. The RCC supported by the professional background of the OECD and the GVH provides technical assistance mostly for the professionals of the Eastern, South-Eastern and Central European countries. The RCC will presumably organise 8 seminars this year.

Based on its work plan 2009, the CCC among others intends to translate and publish some foreign language professional books (e.g. Richard Whish: Competition Law) and some educational brochures raising consumer awareness. Besides all these tasks the CCC also organises seminars and conferences for the widest possible range of public with the aim of discussing some current competition law or competition policy questions. This year "Versenystatisztika" ("Competition Statistics") will be presented within the framework of a professional forum on the development of competition in the Hungarian economy, and hopefully the first experiences on the adaptation of competition statistics will also be analysed. The GVH goes on providing information to parliamentary representatives taking part in legislation, government experts, local governments and judges making judgments pursuant to competition law. For acknowledging and rewarding the activity of those who, working outside the authority, play a significant role in the development of competition culture, the -Versenykultúráért- award (-Award for Competition Culture-) will also be given this year by the CCC.

The work plan 2009 of the CCC is available in Hungarian on its webpage ( www.versenykultura.hu ). Questions, remarks and suggestions relating to the activity, work plan of the organisation are welcome within three weeks and to be sent at versenykultura@gvh.hu .

Budapest, 3 March 2009

Hungarian Competition Authority
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