The GVH initiates proceedings if an infringement is probable and it is justified by the protection of the public interest. The GVH may establish an infringement and impose fines, as well as prohibit undertakings from engaging in infringing conduct.

In addition to the competition supervision proceeding, the GVH may also contact companies as part of other proceedings (e.g. proceedings related to informal complaints, formal complaints, market analyses, sector inquiries). The subject of the request is always clear from the data request sent by the GVH. It is worth cooperating with the GVH in these other proceedings as well, as the proceedings of the GVH serve the interests of both market participants and competitors, in addition to consumers.

Data provision obligation

Procedural fines are most often imposed because the parties subject to a data provision obligation fail to comply with this obligation at all or do not comply adequately; in particular, they refuse to provide data, do not fulfil their obligation at all or do not fully comply with it within the set deadline, submit the requested data after the deadline, or provide inaccurate, untrue data.

Undertakings are under a compulsory obligation to respond to the GVH’s request for data, even if it is related to the infringing conduct of another undertaking. In case of a failure to comply with this obligation, a procedural fine may be imposed, the maximum value of which may reach 1% of the net turnover achieved in the previous business year in case of an undertaking or group of undertakings, or HUF 5,000 in case of natural persons.

Do you have any questions, or do you require an extension of the deadline? Contact the GVH case handlers at the contact details provided in the order before the expiry of the deadline.

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