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What role does the competition has in reducing poverty?

Dear Sir or Madame!

Let me inform you that the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) is joining the international-wide initiative called World Competition Day organised on 5 December 2013. The event is promoted by the Indian-based NGO, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS International). Similar to other national competition authorities, the GVH is organising its own professional event with title "What role does the competition has in reducing poverty?" During the conference, the GVH-s experts together with other professionals are examining the correlations of poverty and competition enforcement in an interdisciplinary approach.

Time of the event: 5 December 2013.

Location: Aranytíz Community Centre, Nagylovag hall

Address: Budapest, V. district Arany János u. 10.

Budapest, 19 November 2013

Tevanné, dr. Südi Annamária
secretary general