The National Communications Authority is responsible for the encouragement and support of the smooth and successful operation and development of the electronic communications, postal and IT markets. The Authority safeguards the interests of both service providers and users. The frequency management, e-signature and postal regulations are also among the task of the NCA. In relation with the GVH the responsibilities of the Authority are the establishment and maintenance of fair and efficient competition and the supervision of the compliance by service providers with the provisions of the law.

The aim of the cooperation agreement between the GVH and the NCA is to enhance the efficiency of the two authorities- work in the field of electronic communications. In the interest of this they establish a professional forum to discuss the professional standpoints and to organise consultations about specific issues. The authorities also agreed about deadlines that they would observe when they would request information from each other in relation with the communications market. The referral of cases between the two authorities is also regulated in the agreement.

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