ECA logó

The ECA European Competition Authorities was founded in Amsterdam in 2001 as a forum for discussion for the competition authorities in the European Economic Area (competition authorities of the EC and EFTA Member States, except those of Switzerland, , the European Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority).

The ECA is an informal cooperation, the participants of which successively organise its meetings, at least one time a year. In 2008 the host was Hungary, in 2009 it will be Spain and in 2010 Cyprus. The ECA's aim is to improve co-operation between competition authorities and contribute to the efficient enforcement of national and European law. The co-operation is developed through the organisation of meetings, the establishment of working groups and the exchange of information, experience and staff.

Currently there are working groups for commitments and for the 'strategic issues of prioritization and how to work with business and consumer stakeholders in that context'. Earlier working groups discussed air traffic issues, leniency, mergers, fines and financial services.

Materials related to the 2008 Budapest ECA meeting (only available for ECA members)

Publicly available ECA materials
Discussion paper on the operation of the ECA (January 2001)

Merger co-operation
Principles on the application, by National Competition Authorities within the ECA, of Articles 4 (5) and 22 of the EC Merger Regulation (January 2005)
Procedures guide on the exchange of information between members on multijurisdictional mergers

Principles for leniency programmes (September 2001)

Air Traffic
Procedures guide on the exchange of information between members on notifications, proceedings and decisions in the field of air transport
Report on mergers and alliances in civil aviation (May 2004)
Loyalty programmes in civil aviation (Summer 2005)
Progress report on slot trading (June 2005)
Code-sharing agreements in scheduled passenger air transport (May 2006)

Financial Services
Comparative study of competition in retail banking and payments systems markets (April 2005)
Final report on competition issues in retail banking and payments systems markets in the EU (May 2006)

Principles of convergence on pecuniary sanctions imposed on undertakings (May 2008)