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Precautionary measures suggested by the GVH

Recently numerous informal complaints have been submitted to the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH). According to these complaints credit brokers have suggested that their clients should join one of the purchasing groups for obtaining loans.

The GVH is currently investigating the informal complaints and calls the attention of the consumers that even if a credit broker proposes to get in contact with one of the following undertakings

  • Euro Correct Consulting Kft. and Group Saving Kft. (1134 Budapest, Váci út 33.)

  • SWISS INVEST 2009 Hungary Kft. (1054 Budapest, Nagy Ignác u. 19/A)

  • EUROMOBILIEN HUNGARY Kft. (1054 Budapest, Bajcsy Zsilinszky út 60.)

  • EXIT FINANCE CONSTITUTION Kft. (2162 Őrbottyán, Ősz utca 102.)

  • Hungarian Economy Partners Kft. (1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 7.)

the consumers should obtain detailed information about their services.

In case of the purchasing groups, only fortune knows which member of the group is going to obtain the purchasing right in advance within the several-year-long duration of the contract, and if he or she undertakes to pay "prepayments", then the time period to quit the contract may even get shortened to 1 day. Further information can be found about the risks related to these groups - identified by the GVH, the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority and the National Authority for Consumer Protection - on the webpage of the GVH ( ) under "Actualities".

Budapest, 19 May 2010

Hungarian Competition Authority
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