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New rules for leniency applicants

The GVH has published on its website the modified version of the Explanatory Notes and the Application Form for Leniency, which were both issued by the President of the Hungarian Competition Authority (hereinafter referred: Gazdasági Versenyhivatal - GVH). These two documents provide more information for cartel members on the application of the leniency rules contained in the Competition Act.

The revision of the leniency explanatory notes and the application form was necessary due to practical experience regarding the new leniency system and changes in the GVH-s organisational structure.

The leniency explanatory notes provide more detailed information on the time period within which undertakings can expect their application for immunity from fines or for a reduction in fines to be considered, with regard to the fact that the time necessary for a decision can vary significantly depending on the nature of the application.

In spring 2013 the GVH set up a new Cartel Detection Section which falls under the competence of the president of the GVH. As a result of the creation of this new section, the leniency explanatory notes and application form were modified to provide for the fact that in the future the Cartel Detection Section will issue general information on the leniency policy and will receive leniency applications. Detailed information on the leniency policy of the GHV can also be found on the website operated by the GVH:

Based on practical experience, the leniency application form defining the form and content of the application, was completed with an explanatory part that specifies the manner in which applicants should attach their evidence to their applications. In case of applications where the submission of written evidence is required, this evidence shall be submitted to the GVH in a numbered form, and all evidence shall be accompanied with explanations listed in the application form.

The revised leniency explanatory notes and application form can be found on the website of the GVH:

Budapest, 12 July 2013.

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