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There is still room for competition culture to evolve

Whilst it is important that Hungarian undertakings have a firm knowledge of competition related laws, for example those regarding fair competition and advertising, the results of a recent survey conducted by the Competition Culture Centre of the Hungarian Competition Authority (hereinafter referred to as GVH VKK) show that there is still much room for improvement. This not only applies to the undertakings themselves, but also encompasses the professional organisations that bring undertakings together and the regulative authorities responsible for monitoring their behaviour. In light of this, and in order to further develop competition culture, the GVH is entering into cooperation with the Joint Venture Szövetség (Joint Venture Association - hereinafter referred to as JVSZ), which will support the GVH-s activity in this area using all the means at its disposal.

Last year the GVH VKK conducted a survey into the knowledge of undertakings in the area of competition. This survey looked at the knowledge of undertakings in relation to competition and advertising laws. Based on the results, the GVH decided to launch a wide-scale propagative and informative campaign within the frame of its competition culture developing activity. The aim of this campaign was to increase the undertakings- knowledge of competition law and their compliance with competition laws and policies.

Entrusted with developing and spreading Hungarian competition culture and conscious consumer decisions, it is one of the most important tasks of the GVH VKK to facilitate the social acceptance of competition, law-abiding behaviour, the forming of a regulatory environment supporting competition-friendly and conscious decisions, and the widening of knowledge about competition policy and competition rules.

It is no surprise that the Joint Venture Szövetség, which brings together the biggest Hungarian and foreign undertakings as well as SMEs, can whole-heartedly stand by these tasks and values, because its role is to facilitate the development and organisation of the economy, expedite the fair market behaviour of economic operators, while within proper settings vindicate the general common interest of its members which practice economic activities. Silvia Szendrey, CEO of JVSZ said about the cooperation:

"It is of outmost importance for the JVSZ that the proper competition culture is spread to more undertakings, and on the other hand that the JVSZ actively takes part in bringing about proper, practice-based and definitive legal provisions by consulting on pieces of legislation."

Annamária Tevanné dr. Südi, secretary-general, who signed the agreement on behalf of the GVH emphasised: "Compliance with competition law is an understanding: of the importance of following and putting the provisions and of competition law into business practice." "With the information the competition authority aims to give undertakings a more accurate idea of what competition regulations they have to correspond to. For this reason the authority considers the intensification of the competition adequacy approach as a priority. The more undertakings that compete cleanly, the more all undertakings and the whole Hungarian economy gains." - she added.

Within the cooperation the JVSZ supports the GVH VKK in accomplishing its goals, contributing to making the information distribution activity of the GVH VKK more intensive, while the GVH VKK supports the professional activity of the JVSZ in a manner which is in accordance with the law.

Further information

Joint Venture Szövetség

The Joint Venture Association (JVSZ) is one of the oldest labour organisations in Hungary and brings together domestic and foreign undertakings. Its primary goal is to contribute to the formation of a more favourable, more receptive investment environment through actively participating in all the political dialogue. Through its 14 committees the association regularly gives its opinion, makes suggestions and comments on proposals on different professional topics. Whether approached by decision-makers or as an active initiator, it aims to successfully pass on its experiences in order to create a more favourable legislative and administrative environment for the economy. Any undertaking registered in Hungary can be part of the association and it currently has 249 members. Since 2012 the position of the president has been held by Chris Mattheisen, CEO of Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

Gazdasági Versenyhivatal Versenykultúra Központ

The role of the GVH in connection with the freedom of competition is to enforce the competition provisions in its competence in a way that serves the public interest and increases the welfare of consumers and therefore competitiveness. In addition, it supports competition in general through the means at its disposal, or where competition is not possible or would not give the best results, it facilitates the creation of a national regulation that is aimed at creating or substituting competition. The competition protection activity of the GVH basically consists of 3 pillars. In its competition supervision work it enforces the provisions of the Hungarian Competition Act and other pieces of legislation within its competence and those of the European Union. Within competition advocacy it aims to influence the decisions of the state in favour of competition. It contributes to the development of competition culture and conscious consumer decisions by raising public awareness of competition through the dissemination of knowledge about competition policy and enhancing the professional discourse on to the development of competition-related legal and economic activities,.

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