12 August 2021, Budapest - This year marks the jubilee of the Hungarian-language biannual publication of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH), Competition Mirror (Versenytükör), a competition law and policy journal, which is currently known to its professional target audience in its professional and academic format, and which contains top-quality legal and economic articles.

The aim of the National Competition Authority is to provide interested parties with access to articles and analyses on competition policy and competition law issues in Hungary and abroad (especially in the EU, EU Member States and the USA), in particular new legislation, decisions of authorities and courts, and major empirical and theoretical economic results.

Over the past 10 years, the Competition Mirror (Versenytükör) has been published in 27 issues, 7 of which were special issues, with a total of nearly 280 articles published by 160 authors. Although Competition Mirror (Versenytükör) is the professional journal of the GVH, it is not restricted to the staff of the GVH in terms of publication opportunities, and its authors include judges, lawyers, researchers, academics, the President of the German Competition Authority, the Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition and the Head of the OECD’s Competition Division.

The high-quality professional articles, studies and essays published in the journal have made it the leading legal and academic forum for competition law developments and one of the most significant representatives of professional and academic journals in Hungary. This is illustrated by the fact that, according to a survey published by the Committee on Legal and Political Sciences of the IX. Section of Economics and Law of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, among 230 similar Hungarian professional and academic journals, the Competition Mirror (Versenytükör) is the 26th most cited legal academic journal in Hungary in 2021 - i.e., it is in the top 10% - of which the Hungarian Competition Authority can be rightly proud.

The Hungarian Competition Authority attaches great importance to environmental protection, and is working to this end through a number of measures to create an office that is free of paper. As a step in this direction, the Competition Mirror (Versenytükör) is published exclusively in digital format from the year 2020.

The Editorial Board of the journal includes such eminent professionals as Csaba Balázs RIGÓ, President of the GVH and Chairman of the Editorial Board, László BAK, Vice President of the GVH, László DOMOKOS, President of the State Audit Office of Hungary, András KOLTAY, Rector of the National University of Public Service, László KOVÁCS, President of the Public Procurement Authority, Zs. András VARGA, President of the Curia.

The editor-in-chief is András TÓTH, Vice President of the GVH, the members are Zoltán BARA, Professor Emeritus of the Corvinus University of Budapest, István Csongor NAGY, professor and department head at the University of Szeged, András PÜNKÖSTY, senior lecturer at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, András OSZTOVITS, professor and department head at the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Pál SZILÁGYI, Director of the Competition Law Research Centre and Tihamér TÓTH, Deputy Dean of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University.

This year’s first summer issue of the Competition Mirror (Versenytükör) contains high-quality studies on the relationship between the achievement of sustainability goals and competition law, the competition law background to the regulation of technology giants, and the role of domestic merger control in the recovery from the economic crisis over the past decade.

The publication can be downloaded from the GVH website.

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