16 August 2021, Budapest – Fressnapf has implemented, with some delays, the obligations imposed by the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) to compensate consumers. The competition authority imposed a fine of HUF 3 million for the shortcomings.

         The national competition authority has closed a follow-up investigation against Fressnapf - Hungária Állateledel és Felszerelés Nagy- és Kiskereskedelmi Kft. The competition authority has ordered the company to compensate the consumers who have been harmed - in addition to a fine of HUF 100 million - because of a badly run seal collection campaign. As in all similar cases, after a time limit set the competition authority monitored compliance with the decision in terms of the fulfilment of the obligations.

         The follow-up investigation revealed that the undertaking had in principle implemented the obligations imposed on it, i.e. the consumer compensation provided had achieved its objective. However, the investigation found that the undertaking did not respect certain deadlines, which led to delays in certain elements of the fulfilment.

         Although the compensation of consumers has been fulfilled, when imposing obligations, all their elements, such as the time limit and the verification measures, must be respected, as they are substantial for the efficiency of the actions in the public interest. Therefore, the Competition Authority imposed a fine of HUF 3 million on the undertaking. In imposing the fine, the Competition Council also took into account, among other things, Fressnapf’s cooperation in waiving both the right to a hearing and the right to seek a legal remedy.

The official registration number of the case: VJ/12/2021.

GVH Press Office

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