20 April 2021, Budapest – The purpose of the academic competition announced by the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) titled ‘Competition law in Hungary and the EU’ is to attract the interest of the younger generations to the topics of competition law, competition policy, industrial organisation, and conscious consumer decision-making.

This year marks the 22nd occasion that the GVH organises the academic competition titled ‘Competition law in Hungary and the EU’, in which any Hungarian or foreign university student may participate with an entry submitted in Hungarian. The aim of the competition is to enable the participating students to acquire comprehensive knowledge of competition law, competition policy, and industrial organisation during the preparation of their entry.

The interested students can choose from 22 topics. The entries received are going to be judged by a committee composed of the employees of the GVH based on a uniform system of criteria, which prioritises novelty and reliance on recent legal precedents. The students finishing in the top three places will receive rewards.

‘An academic competition is a great opportunity for students since they can dive deep into the most recent issues of competition law and policy. The topics of this year’s competition, such as sustainability, market behaviours arising due to the pandemic, as well as online and offline commerce, directly relate to our lives. I encourage all interested students to submit their entry’ said László BAK, Vice-President of the GVH.

Those interested can read about the participation criteria and other details related to the essay contest, the submission deadline of which is the end of July, by clicking on the following link:


GVH Press Office

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