13 August 2021, Budapest – The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has published summary booklets on merger control and the competition council decisions of the past 10 years.

         The activities of the GVH are diverse; therefore, it continuously makes an effort to use publications that present individual fields of its activities to demonstrate how all citizens of Hungary benefit from a fair market competition. Scientific surveys also show that developing a competition-friendly social attitude significantly assists in the promotion of law-abiding behaviours.

         The information booklet titled ‘Mergers as potential tools for economic growth‘ provides practical examples to demonstrate certain important characteristics of the domestic economy through the trends of mergers. The publication illustrates how the merger control activity of the GVH continuously contributes to the growth of the Hungarian economy and consumer welfare.

         The publication titled ‘Trends and results associated with the decisions of the Hungarian Competition Authority 2010-2020‘ demonstrates through the decisions adopted by the GVH in the past decade why it is worth for undertakings to cooperate with the GVH in the event of an infringement. The booklet also describes how the GVH assists Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises and how the GVH handled the negative economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

         The publications are available on the website of the GVH:


GVH Press Office

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