21 April 2021, Budapest – The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has published a user-friendly website with a more polished appearance. The aim of the change is to ensure that consumers attempting to contact the GVH can easily navigate the various matters related to the Authority and can find the information they are looking for even faster and easier on the new website.

            Matching the recently renewed image of the GVH, the appearance of its website has also been updated. The new appearance of the website is user-friendly and easier to navigate, allowing visitors to find content related to professional issues, as well as guidance documents for undertakings, alerts for consumers, or even the option to submit an informal complaint quickly and easily.

The updated website also means increased responsivity, improving the user experience when browsing the website on mobile devices. The structural changes primarily targeted the simplification of the content and the highlighting of popular information and frequently visited pages. In addition, the visuals of the website have also been updated to include more eye-catching graphical solutions; the news, press releases, and latest events of the GVH are now displayed in a ‘tiled’ format. The GVH has also extended the English content of the website, aiming to ensure that all of the content is available in an updated form and in both languages.

         The website of the GVH is available at the following address: https://gvh.hu/.

GVH Press Office

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