„Ibolya Influencer” a new guide from the GVH

10 November 2022, Budapest - The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has updated its guide on influencer marketing in order to provide up-to-date practical advice to help market operators act in a lawful manner, underlining the responsibility of influencers and advertising agencies. The proper use of the guide with specific examples can help ensure consumers to always clearly recognise advertising contents.

The criteria relating to marketing content published by influencers are designed to ensure that consumers can clearly, understandably, and prominently identify it if it has been published for financial compensation. Without that, they can treat influencer posts for advertising purposes as independent, neutral opinions.

The GVH has now published its updated influencer marketing guide, after revising the previous guide in public consultations with market operators. The Guide has been updated to reflect new expectations arising from technological development and guidance based on the recent decisions of the Hungarian Competition Authority, but its aim remains the same: to provide clear guidance to market operators seeking to comply with the law and to protect consumers.

The updated GVH guide uses a practical approach, and positive and negative illustrations how to legally comply with consumer information requirements, for example in the case of a text-only or video posts. The guide thus provides direct and detailed support to undertakings advertising with influencers, intermediaries, and advertising agencies, as well as influencers, for everyday use.

The Hungarian Competition Authority’s publication "Information on Influencer Marketing" is available at the following link:


Press Office of the GVH