4 August 2022, Budapest   – The Hungarian Competition Authority has published its Flash Report on competition in the Hungarian market, summarising the results of the first half of 2022.

         In the first half of 2022, the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) continued to place great emphasis on protecting the Hungarian people and ensuring fair competition in important sectors of the national economy. The national competition authority has ensured the fairness of advertising during the coronavirus pandemic through its accelerated sector inquiries and has contributed to reduce the domestic retail price of rapid COVID antigen tests by almost half of it, thanks to the beneficial effects of competition. In the construction sector, the series of accelerated sector inquiries launched last year has continued on, which also aims to reduce price increases by tackling distortions of competition.

The GVH continues to make it a priority to help consumers to make well-established choices both online and in traditional platforms. In addition to influencer marketing practices, the past six months have focused on the relationship between e-commerce and data assets, in connection with the latter the Competition Authority made forward-looking proposals to boost consumer confidence and the development of domestic SMEs.

The authority has continued to focus on swift administration in merger control, which has kept the GVH's efficiency among the best in Europe.

In addition to our mandatory core tasks, there are three specific features of our national competition authority that woke international professional interest. One of them is the power - unique in Europe – ensured by the Hungarian Government to carry out accelerated sector inquiries. The second is research into the relationship between environmental protection and competition law, while the third is the quantification and economic analysis of consumer welfare benefits.” – evaluated the work of the first half of the year Csaba Balázs Rigó, President of the GVH.

         The publication "Flash Report on the activities of the Hungarian Competition Authority in the first half of 2022" is available on the website of the national competition authority:


Press Office of the GVH

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