17 January 2023, Budapest - The new podcast series of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) intends to enhance the knowledge of undertakings on competition law and consumer’s informed choices with the latest topics, clear analyses and professional highlights.

The national competition authority has launched a series of podcasts to explore relevant issues of the competition law in short, understandable conversations. The new series will help both consumers and undertakings by providing first-hand, easily understandable information from experienced experts on the processes of competition in the economy.

Those listening to the podcast series can learn how a raid is executed by the competition authority, and what strange or funny situations the authority's experts have come across during a search. The series also reveals why it was necessary to introduce accelerated sector inquiries during the COVID-19 pandemic and how many times the GVH used this tool, which is also unique in Europe. Undertakings can learn about the benefits of voluntarily disclosure of cartels and how to reduce the level of potential fines.  It is also discussed how the Hungarian Competition Authority has become a leader in competition law training in the Central and Eastern European region. The first guest of the series is Dr András Tóth, Vice President of the GVH and President of the GVH’s Competition Council, who will share his thoughts on the development of Hungarian competition law over the past decade, the role of the Competition Council, the experience of judicial reviews and the interaction between Hungarian and EU competition law.

Those interested in competition law, undertakings seeking to comply with the law and consumers seeking to make informed decisions can follow the podcast series of the competition authority on the GVH’s website and its social media channels as well as through streaming services. The podcasts are available on the following links:

GVH Public Service and International Section

Further information:

Bálint Horváth, Head of Communication +36 20 238 6939

Katalin Gondolovics, Spokesperson +36 30 603 1170

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