(Dominant position)


The Office of Economic Competition (hereinafter: OEC) started investigation at the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors (hereinafter: CHA) to establish whether its activity of educating the auditors, organising exams for them, setting the fee for exams etc. infringes the prohibition of the Competition Act on abuse of dominant position.

The Competition Council investigated in the first place whether the activity of CHA on setting rules for education and examination of auditors as well as setting fees for the services it provides concerning education and examinations qualifies as market practice. The Competition Council has concluded that the activity of CHA cannot be considered as market practice since it provides its services for public interest, without any state budgetary support, in accordance with the scope provided by the Act on the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors and Auditing Activities and under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. As the activity of CHA does not qualify as market practice the Competition Act is not applicable for it.

The tendering practice of CHA for the organisation of education was not found discriminative and the attendance at the education was obligatory for everybody under the rules of CHA.

Taking into consideration the above facts the Competition Council terminated the proceedings against the CHA.

April 6, 2000. Budapest

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