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MTM-SBS Televízió Rt., unfair manipulation of consumer choice

Type of case:

Deception of consumers


MTM-SBS Television published advertisements (on the TV2 channel, in the press, on posters and on the Internet) in which it stated that the TV series "Desperate Housewives" has the highest rate in terms of popularity in the world (i.e. number of consumers watching it). In the competition supervision proceeding, however, it could not justify the above statement neither justify it in respect of Hungary. The income of the company derives from advertisements, which are broadcasted by it. The rate in terms of popularity influences the prices of the advertisements. This above-mentioned statement of the MTM-SBS Television is appropriate to manipulate the consumers who would like to advertise on the television.


The Competition Council established that the described behaviour was a deception of consumers, which infringed the competition. The Competition Council imposed a fine of HUF 40 million (approx. EUR 154,000) on MTM-SBS Television for its unlawful behaviour. Due to the extensive nature of the advertisement campaign and the long period of the unlawful behaviour the unfair manipulation of consumer choice affected a great number of people, which fact was taken into consideration in setting the fines. The Competition Council had also respect to the market position of the company.


Budapest, 4 April 2006