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Short title:

TESCO-Global Áruházak ZRt.



Type of case:

Unfair manipulation of consumer choice


TESCO published in its advertisements price discounts on certain products, however, in some of its shops it did not possess any of these products or had not had a sufficiently large stock necessary for the entire period of the promotion. Also, the percentual reference of certain price discounts was misleading for the consumers as it referred not to the period directly before the promotion but to one much earlier. Moreover, TESCO could not prove the truthfulness of its statement "Only available in Tesco", hence this infringed the competition rules, as well.


The Competition Council of the GVH established that the undertaking infringed the provisions on the prohibition of unfair manipulation of consumer choice of the Hungarian Competition Act and imposed a fine of HUF 36 million (approx. EUR 144 thousand) on TESCO.


8 March 2006