It is an honour for Hungary to be the host of the annual conference of the International Competition Network (ICN), which brings together competition authorities from around the world. The Hungarian Competition Authority expects the attendance of competition law experts from more than 130 countries in the online event to be held between 13-15 October 2021.

The conference website is available at:

It is a tradition of ICN annual conferences that the host country prepares a special project for the event. The GVH, as this year’s host, selected the interaction of sustainable development and competition law as the topic of its special project. The project was the first to survey the environmental sustainability aspects of competition law enforcement among competition authorities and non-governmental advisors (’NGAs’) across the globe, with special regard to restrictive agreements. Within the framework of the survey, 52 competition authorities and 41 NGAs from around the world completed the questionnaire of the project. Following the analysis of the data, the experts of the GVH prepared a report on the results in the form of a study.

More information on the survey is available in English:

Special project for the 2021 ICN Annual Conference: Sustainable development and competition law


The invitation video of the ICN2021 Annual Conference:


The invitation video of the ICN Annual Conference with English subtitles: