Besides the Competition Act, the Act on Business Advertising Activity, the Act on Trade and Act on Price Setting, there are some other legal acts which are not part of the competition regulation in the narrow meaning of the notion, but which contain provisions that are in connection with competition and, consequently, with the activity of the Hungarian Competition Authority, too. Legal acts of this kind relate to certain regulated sectors and natural monopolies, as the Communications Act, the Act on Electricity or the Railway Act (and their counterparts in Community law).

The enforcement of their rules belong to the responsibilities of the respective sectoral supervisory authorities (the National Communications Authority, the Hungarian Energy Office and the Hungarian Rail Office), however, in certain questions the regulations provide for the cooperation between the supervisory authority and the GVH in order to ensure due consideration of the competition aspects. The framework of this cooperation is created by cooperation agreements between the authorities.

The GVH, in connection with its activities, has also determined in agreements the possible areas and forms of cooperation with other authorities. The cooperation agreement with the General Inspectorate for Consumer Protection aims at creating a framework for common actions safeguarding consumers' economic interests and fairness of market competition. The agreement with the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority wishes to contribute to the transparent and undisturbed functioning of the financial markets as well as to strengthening of the confidence in the financial markets and to their development, based on fair competition.

The agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Transport, the ministry responsible on place No 1 for governmental economic policy was concluded with the view to promote the efficiency of the competition advocacy of the GVH.

Hence, currently there are cooperation agreements between the GVH and

  • the National Communications Authority,

  • the Hungarian Energy Office,

  • the Hungarian Rail Office,

  • the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority,

  • the General Inspectorate for Consumer Protection, and

  • the Ministry of Economy and Transport.