The General Secretary gets directions directly from the President. He/she provides for, through the organisational units belonging to the Secretariat of the President,

  • The production of preparatory materials which serve as a foundation for the resolutions of the President, and the enforcement of those resolutions;

  • The fulfilment of the tasks which are the kind as to fall to a central secretariat or are in connection with the organisation, human resources policy or communication of the Authority;

  • The contacting of Parliament and its committees, furthermore, of the heads of other state organs and foreign authorities and organisations;

  • The organisation of the President's official programmes;

  • The compilation of an Annual Report, to Parliament, on Competition Law and Policy Developments in Hungary (describing the activities of the Authority in the year under review);

  • The development of competition culture and of the competition law related regional institutional system; and

  • The fulfilment of the in-house tasks of the IT system organisation and network development.