14 February 2023, Budapest – Why cooperate when the GVH knocks on the door? What was it that even the experts from the competition authority were astonished by? For the answers, it is worth listening to the latest podcast series of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH).

The latest episode of the Competition Authority's  podcast series, launched earlier this year, focuses on the practice of unannounced on-site inspections, commonly known as dawn raids. Dawn raiding is a key element of the competition authority's toolkit for uncovering collusive restrictions of competition, i.e. cartels, but it also plays an important role in accelerated sector inquiries – so currently it also greatly assists the competition authorities' fight against food inflation.

In the latest episode of the GVH podcast, we look at the purposes for which a competition authority carries out a dawn raid on an undertaking, how voluntary cooperation by an undertaking can mitigate the consequences of their infringement and what happens if someone tries to obstruct the investigation.

The discussion will also include the - sometimes amusing - experiences of raids in which the undertakings concerned have tried to hide evidence from the competition authority's experts in the most creative ways possible, from tearing out pages of the diary to the impulsive and immediate scrapping of the computers of the undertaking.

Those interested can listen to the programme and previous episodes of the podcast series on the GVH's website, social media channels and streaming services:

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