16 May 2023, Budapest - The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) held a face-to-face meeting with representatives of seven food and trade associations and the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss its proposals on reducing inflation, published last week. The GVH aims to ensure that its findings and proposals trigger practical measures that will help to bring down the inflation of food prices. All relevant market players have the deadline of 8 June to comment on the draft report of the accelerated sector inquiry into preserved foods.

On 8 May, the Hungarian Competition Authority published for public consultation its draft report on the accelerated sector inquiry into the market for preserved foods (canned and frozen products).

Based on the results of the inquiry, the GVH's experts formulated six recommendations and action points that could contribute to more effective competitive relations, to strengthening competition in the market and thus to reducing prices. Proposals include promoting the production of fruit and vegetables in Hungary, increasing efficiency, automating agricultural production, installing irrigation systems, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, encouraging precision training in agriculture, and promoting sustainable packaging systems. At the same time, the GVH indicated that it will continue to pay increased regulatory attention to the commercial sector.

The publication of the draft report will be followed by a month-long public consultation, during which the GVH held a face-to-face meeting on 16 May 2023 with professional organisations representing industry stakeholders and those affected by the draft report's proposals - the Hungarian National Trade Association, the Hungarian National Trade Association, the ÁFEOSZ-COOP Association, the FruitVeB Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organisation and Product Council, the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Producers' Association, the Hungarian Cooling and Canning Industry Association and the Association of Responsible Food Producers - and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Csaba Balázs Rigó, President of the GVH underlined: "Everyone has a role to play in bringing down inflation. The experts at the Hungarian Competition Authority are also working on this. We have also called today's consultation to ensure that our findings and proposals are translated into practical action as quickly as possible. We are looking for concrete solutions that can contribute to the further reduction of inflation. We are on the right track."

Once completed, the aim of the public consultation is to enable the GVH, to help bring down food prices with final proposals supported by the widest possible range of those concerned. Market participants have the deadline of 8 June to submit written comments on the draft report, after which the Authority will publish the feedback received on the document's findings on its website.

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