László BAK : Recent developments in cartel cases

Bogdan M. CHIRITOIU: An Economic Instrument to Evaluate the (Pro)Competitive Nature   of Industries: The Aggregate Index of Competitive Pressure

Natalie HARSDORF:Recent developments regarding cartel enforcement in Austria

Tibor MENYHART: Developments of the Slovak Competition Law

Michaela NOSA: Slovak experience in competition advocacy

Michal PETR: Enforcement Practice in the Czech Republic

Emilija HORVAT PETROVIČ: Recent legislative developments of the Slovenian    Competition Law

Zuzana ŠABOVÁ: Coherent application of the EU Competition Law in Slovakia

Marta SKROBISZ: Polish Enforcement Practice with focus on bid rigging cases

Marta SKROBISZ: COMPETITION ADVOCACY - Overview of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection’s strategy and main achievements in 2013

Daniel STANKOV: Recent legislative developments in the Czech Republic

Tamás SZÁMADÓ: Recent legislative developments of the Hungarian competition law

András TÓTH: Competition Law Compliance in the SMEs Sector – The Hungarian Experience